Trevor Dutton

Resources/Client List

- 2 Grade Excavation & Development, LLC
    " Trevor, 
       Your craftsmanship, ideas and work ethic made working with you on the Heckman home on Bainbridge Island a pleasure. It is safe to say 
       that materials and creativity that went into that home were far above what many people are accustom to working with. The year (+) time that 
       you spent working on the home presented challenges that most would have walked away from, you were able to see what the owner vision was 
       and crafted what became one of the most unique homes on the island and I thank you for that.  
       Thanks Again. "

Greg Hopf  [formerly of Vision Builders]

- Magraw Zecha and Associates
(fine custom cabinetry)
- Fairbank Construction Company (Bainbridge Island builder)

- Northwest Mill and Door
- Teragren (bamboo products)
- Miller Construction
- Smallwood Construction (Bainbridge Island builder)
- Kim McCall (interior design)
Jerome Zygar (fine art furniture)
- Lyons Painting
- DSC Industrial Supply
Homewood Construction (Kitsap builder)
Dan Nichols Woodworks  (cabinetry and fine furniture)
- Craftsman Builders  (Bainbridge builder)
- Dakota Enterprises
- Nelson Wood and Glass (Bainbridge builder)
- Markay Cabinets
- Armstrong Homes of Bremerton
- Crystal Springs Construction
- Vision Builders  (Port Angeles builder)
- Sabelhaus West Painters
- Edensaw Woods
- Roger Katz and Associates (architect)

                                       Cherry kitchen cabinetry with inlaid wenge panel detail.  Cabinetry by Magraw Zecha, installed by Artisan Woodwork.
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